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updated 24 January 2023
All of the animals listed below are captive bred and born. 

TARANTULAS (all unsexed unless otherwise noted)
A. avicularia morphotype 1 ("common pinktoe") ¾" WELL STARTED, produced here!
A. avicularia morphotype 6 ("metallic pinktoe") ½-¾"
A. geniculata ("Brazilian white-knee") ¾"
A. geniculata 1.25" MALE
A. juruensis morphotype 2 ("Peru purple pinktoe") ¾-1"
A. merianae ("Tarapoto pinktoe") ¾"
A. seemanni ("Costa Rican stripe knee") ¾-1" WELL STARTED!
B. simoroxigorum ("Borneo neon blue-leg") ¾"
C. cyaneopubescens ("green bottle blue") ½-¾"
C. elegans ("Trinidad dwarf tiger") ¾" FEMALE
C. fimbriatus ("Indian violet") 1.5" WELL STARTED!
C. lividus ("cobalt blue") ¾"
C. lividus 1.25-1.5" WELL STARTED!
C. marshalli ("straight-horned baboon") ½-¾"
C. versicolor ("Antilles pinktoe") ¾" produced here!
D. diamantinensis ("Brazilian blue dwarf beauty") ½"+ produced here!
D. pentaloris ("Guatemalan tiger rump") ⅓"
E. murinus ("skeleton leg") ¾"
G. pulchra ("Brazilian black") ¾"+ WELL STARTED!
G. pulchripes ("Chaco gold-knee) ¾" WELL STARTED!
H. devamatha ("psychedelic earth tiger") ¾"
H. maculata ("Togo starburst baboon") 2.5" M&F PAIR!
H. pulchripes ("golden blue-leg baboon") ¾"
L. giannisposatoi ("Sumatran stout-leg") ¾"
L. giannisposatoi 2" FEMALE
L. nigerrimum ("Sangihe black") ¾"
L. parahybana ("salmon pink birdeater") ¾"
M. balfouri ("Socotra island blue baboon") ½-¾" SINGLES AND COMMUNAL 4-PACKS!
N. incei gold ("Trinidad gold") ¾"
N. incei olive ("Trinidad olive") ¾-1"
O. schioedtei ("Malaysian earth tiger") ¾"
O. violaceopes ("Singapore blue") 1"+ WELL STARTED!
O. sp. "Vietnam Silver" ("silver earth tiger") 1"+
P. arboricola ("Borneo black") ¾"
P. cambridgei ("Trinidad chevron") 1"+ WELL STARTED!
P. irminia ("Venezuelan sun tiger") 1" WELL STARTED!
P. metallica ("sapphire ornamental") ¾-1"+ WELL STARTED, produced here!
P. regalis ("Indian ornamental") 1"+
P. rufilata ("red slate ornamental") 1"+
P. murinus "RCF" ("orange baboon tarantula") ¾"
P. sp. "Dominican purple" 1"
S. calceatum ("feather-leg baboon") 1"+ WELL STARTED!
S. calceatum 1"+ FEMALE
T. albopilosus ("Honduran curly-hair") ¾-1" WELL STARTED!
T. albopilosus 2"+ unsexed juveniles!
T. apophysis ("goliath pinkfoot") 1.25"
T. bambus ("bamboo earth tiger") ¾"+
T. blondi ("goliath birdeater") 1.25"+
T. plumipes 1" unsexed
T. plumipes 1" FEMALE
T. plumipes 1" MALE
X. intermedia ("Amazon blue bloom") 2" unsexed

Dwarf white 25ct, 100ct
Armadillidium klugii "Montenegro" 10ct
Cubaris sp. "red tiger" 10ct
Cubaris sp. "panda king" 10ct
Cubaris sp. "blonde ducky" 6ct
Porcellionides pruinosus "powder blue" 10ct, 100ct
Porcellionides pruinosus "powder orange" 10ct, 100ct
Porcellio laevis "dairy cow" 10ct
Porcellio expansus "white" 10ct
Porcellio scaber "lava" 10ct
Temperate springtail culture

Dubia roach (Blaptica dubia) all sizes, 25ct-100ct
Little Kenyan roach (Paraplecta cf. minutissima) 25ct nymphs GREAT MICROFEEDERS!
Shadow roach (Pycnoscelus nigra) 12ct mixed sizes PARTHENOGENIC!
Surinam roach (Pycnoscelus surinamensis) 12ct mixed sizes PARTHO!
Surinam roach "dark" (P. surinamensis) 12ct mixed sizes PARTHO!
Question mark roach (Therea olegrandjeani) 12ct nymphs
Domino roach (Therea petiveriana) 12ct nymphs
Glowspot roach (Lucihormetica subcincta) 12ct nymphs
Warty glowspot roach (Lucihormetica verrucosa) 12ct nymphs
Chrome roach (Gyna caffrorum) 12ct nymphs
Porcelain roach (Gyna lurida) 12ct nymphs
Centurion roach (Gyna centurio) 12ct nymphs
Green banana roach (Panchlora sp. "hobby") 12ct nymphs

OTHER INVERTEBRATES (all unsexed unless otherwise noted)
Phidippus regius ("regal jumping spider") 4-5i+
Phidippus regius ("regal jumping spider") 6-7i+ PINK chelicerae (probable females)
Damon diadema ("Tanzanian giant whipspider") 3i / 1"+ produced here!
Phrynichus orientalis ("Oriental whipspider") 4i+ / 1.25"+

megamix bioactive soils
purplebox acrylic enclosures
megamash feeder insect diet
micromash springtail & isopod diet
leaf litter
cork bark tubes & flats

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