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regal jumping spider 6i+ PINK CHELICERAE

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UNSEXED captive-bred “regal jumping spider” (Phidippus regius) juveniles produced here at Marshall Arachnids. these spiders are approximately ¼-½" in size (6th instar to young subadults) and eating ⅛" crickets and roaches.
pink chelicerae are a sign but not a guarantee that the spider may be a female. we cannot guarantee the sex of your spiderling at this stage of development.

the photos of the adult spiders in this listing are adult REPRESENTATIVES of the juvenile spiderling you will receive. we cannot predict the color phase of your spider at this stage of development.


please read our care guide BEFORE purchasing this species.

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Sara Myers
I love her!

I am in love with everything about her, her pink Chalicerea, her size, tame nature, and her coloring. She's perfect and molted 2 days ago, I'm so happy I made the leap and will be doing so again for future needs, the entire process was just so easy that I rate the entire experience 10/10. I bought two little ones and both came carefully wrapped and
looked very comfy, now I can spoil them both. Thank you so much Marshalls.

Doug Holmes
Regal Jumping Spider

Regal jumping spiders in good health. Well packaged. Good communication. Fast delivery.