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megamix TROPICAL substrate

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Reptiles, amphibians, isopods, arachnids, plants etc...We’ve made sure our substrates check all the boxes ✅

Crafted with a blend of carefully selected ingredients, megamix TROPICAL was designed for longevity and synergy ♻️. Each component feeds into the next to support optimal, long term bioactive conditions.

Superior drainage, nutrient rich, various particulates, gentle components and a beautiful aesthetic. megamix TROPICAL is the best bioactive ready substrate you can buy for your plants and animals.

Best of all, we proudly tell you what’s in them!

megamix is a measured blend of:

Horticultural charcoal, shredded hardwoods, peat moss, organic compost, worm castings, sphagnum moss, leaf litter, calcium, mycorrhizae, alfalfa meal and beneficial bacteria.

Sold in 1 gallon, 10” x 13” bags. Weighs 3lbs.

We adhere to strict disinfection protocols and heat treat the necessary components for a minimum of 1 hour at 200°F to ensure the health and safety of your animals.

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megamix. feed the ground.

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Customer Reviews

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Sammy Randall

Dark and heavy, but also fine. I hate getting tropical soil with huge charcoal chunks and whatnot. Also appreciate that this comes premixed, less mess.

Chloe Anderson

The tropical substrate is perfect for the tarantula species I have that prefer more humidity than my other species.
The tropical substrate holds the burrows and moisture well, and I’ve yet to have any issues with molding, with the occasional mistings or corner waterings I do. I definitely recommend.

Jessica Black

Love the soil will buy more in the future for sure