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Caribena versicolor ½-¾"

Caribena versicolor ½-¾"

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“Antilles pinktoe” (Caribena versicolor) tarantula spiderlings produced here at Marshall Arachnids. these babies are at second and third instar, about ½-¾”, and are already feeding on ⅛" crickets!

**Marshall Arachnids is donating 10% of the sale of every versi sling for 2024 to a conservation project TBD!**


please read our C. versicolor care guide BEFORE purchasing this species.

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Customer Reviews

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Buttercup McElroy
Amazing Customer Service, Healthy Animals

Exceptional customer service. I contacted them back in January to check their show schedule and they were super communicative as to which show they'd be at and if they had anything I was interesting in. They let me know what they'd have in stock which helped me plan which enclosures to get. At the show they were super patient while I picked and the spiders themselves were super well started. They were also larger than expected and amazing value for the price! Both settled in and ate within days of arriving home. The first one just molted yesterday and they've only been with me for about two weeks! Between the customer service and the health of their animals I would definitively recommend them any time! Don't hesitate to reach out to them if you have questions too! They're super friendly!

Great experience! Highly recommend

From the very start with all of my questions, they tended to us so amazingly. Very responsive and helpful! Shipping was quick and easy to pick up with the weather being too cold for home delivery here. I can’t wait for our little fluffy to grow! I’d highly recommend Marshall Arachnids!!

I’m In Love

Best experience purchasing my first T from Marshall Arachnids. They’re extremely quick to respond and very helpful and knowledgeable! My C. Versicolor sling came packaged perfectly and was larger than expected. Very active, webbed right away, and like to explore its enclosure. And ate for the first time a few days after arrival! I’m in love, and can’t thank them enough!

Caribena versicolor

I purchased a sling and Im excited to see them grow. Excellent customer service, i received my sling in perfect condition. They were very active and adjusted well in its enclosure. Thank you! Well recommended 100/10 and will definitely buying from you guys again in the near future!

Alicia Jean L.
Beautiful Versicolor

I purchased a Caribena versicolor sling and I am beyond happy!! The customer service was excellent, I received my versicolor quickly and in perfect condition. My little baby took food right away and is doing wonderful a week later. My sling is very active and healthy, spinning beautiful little webs in its new home. 10/10 service, I fully recommend Marshall Arachnids to anyone looking for a safe and reliable breeder!

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