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40 dram vial w/ aluminum soffit [SHIPS WITH LIVE ORDERS]

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40 dram vial (5oz) made by Thornton Plastics. measures approximately 1⅞” in diameter by 3⁷⁄₁₆” tall. ideal for arboreal, terrestrial, or fossorial spiderlings smaller than 2”. these vials come with a 1" aluminum mesh vent in the lid. we still recommend adding side ventilation to these enclosures.

FREE for any order over $49.99 with coupon code free40vent.

NOTE: these vials are shipped to us by the manufacturer and are subject to light surface scratching that should not affect visibility or integrity.

must be drilled or soldered for ventilation.

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Owen Evans
Dram vial with TOP ventilation

I have found them to be very useful. They allow me to temporarily house appropriate sized Arachnids, also feed them also & transport them to a new location (new enclosure). Just one thing. I wish that they would come in different sizes (sling to birdeater) other wise they are perfect.