news 1 Mar 2023 - MOAR storms! + NARBC Tinley

news 1 Mar 2023 - MOAR storms! + NARBC Tinley

We probably jinxed ourselves when complaining about last week's winter storms, because we had more of the same this week! Severe weather in a good portion of the country resulted in the suspension of shipping guarantees for the remainder of the week, causing more postponing of shipping. Our customers have been very gracious with their understanding of our policies and we are even more grateful. <3

Today marks 17 days until NARBC TINLEY! We're preparing to bring you the widest variety of tarantulas, Mygalomorphs, true spiders, mantises, roaches, isopods, beetles, springtails, and supplies you've seen yet! Pre-orders are always welcome on anything featured in our full availability list. Please note that everything in our full availability list is available NOW, and we will always have new stock on the horizon, so check back in for updates.

This Saturday we'll be in Perrysburg, OH for Midwest Expos Reptile Extravaganza!

Some of this week's notable molts include one of our adult female G. pulchra (no wonder she wasn't receptive upon pairing a few weeks ago...) and our adult female H. gabonensis, who we managed to secure a date for already!

Til next time!

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