news 9 April 2023 - bromeliad spiders + Nashville show

news 9 April 2023 - bromeliad spiders + Nashville show

We recently acquired a few US captive bred and born Pachistopelma rufonigrum from our buddy Jonathon Straus's successful loan with Tom Patterson. This is a Brazilian-endemic species in the subfamily Aviculariinae ("pinktoes") that has adapted to living in and among bromeliads on the sandy coastal Atlantic forest of Brazil.

This species has been legally imported to the US many years ago, but their prevalence in the hobby today remains very, very small, likely due to the improper husbandry of these tropical species. Captive breeding efforts are extremely important for these Brazilian endemic species given that the country has illegalized exportation for the foreseeable future. We'll be posting routine updates on the spiderlings on Facebook, so follow us to see!

[more reading on the species here]

Next weekend we're back in Tennessee for the Nashville Exotic Pet Expo! This will be our first time vending this huge exotic animal show, so we hope to bring out all the arachnid love! See you there! 💜

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