news 3 April 2023 - more apparel is now live! + CITES bans?

news 3 April 2023 - more apparel is now live! + CITES bans?

GUYS! We've finally managed to get some more apparel for you - shirts, hoodies, hats, and more! Check it out here.

Meanwhile, last weekend was the new and improved Animals By Nature Expo in Perrysburg, Ohio and naturally it was a blast! Ohioans really treat us well every time.

Coming up in two weeks is the Nashville Exotic Pet Expo - more details here.

In other news - you may have seen or heard some talk of CITES-related restrictions on Brachypelma species recently. Due to issues related to the country's handling of other endangered animals, CITES has forbidden all trade of regulated spaces from Mexico. This includes our beloved Mexican red-knees. Fortunately this has nothing to do with national trade of the genus in the United States, but considering many of our pets come directly from Mexican imports, we can expect to see a significant decrease in their availability and potentially an increase in pricing in the near future. Captive breeding efforts should have been increased many years ago, but it's exponentially important now.

Read more here.

Til next time, spider peeps!

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