news 22 Feb 2023 - more winter storms!

news 22 Feb 2023 - more winter storms!

We had just prepped several orders, bought shipping labels, sorted out spiders, mantises, and springtails for shipping... when our favorite live animal shipping servicer Redline Shipping notified us that winter storm Oliver was already affecting FedEx shipments nationwide and delays were imminent, so we had to postpone many orders at the last minute. Our customers have been extremely understanding and kind to us and we are so grateful for that!

The safety of our animals always comes first, and even if we are confident that our spiders would easily survive being in transit for 2+ days, we simply choose to not put them in that risky situation. We only ship when we are fully confident that it is 100% safe to do so.

Meanwhile, we unpacked some captive-bred Theraphosa stirmi (burgundy goliath birdeater) spiderlings today which are sassy as ever and now in stock!

Catch us at the BRM Expo in Fremont, OH this Sunday with over 40 arachnid and mantis species on our table, along with isopods, roaches, and the full purplebox lineup!

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