news 20 Jun 23 - breeding updates, M. MESOMELAS SAC!?

news 20 Jun 23 - breeding updates, M. MESOMELAS SAC!?

Yep, you read that right - we've got an egg sac from our paired Megaphobema mesomelas female! We try not to celebrate prematurely, because anything can happen in the 4+ months it's going to take for babies to reach second instar. But this is a really exciting one, guys. Even if this sac ends up being unsuccessful, we're still really enthusiastic about our animals showing natural behaviors and we will have more opportunities in the future to reproduce this rare-in-the-hobby, montane Costa Rican species.

In other news, we have two more Caribena versicolor sacs brewing, and one GBB sac. Paired females include P. sp. Sabah Blue, P. ornata, P. miranda, and even more C. versicolor. To be paired soon: P. murinus RCF, P. formosa, P. smithi, P. metallica, P. rufilata, D. diamantinensis, and A. purpurea. Send positive fertility vibes (for the spiders only!)!

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Still patiently looking for possible B. klaasi slings! I believe!!

Laurie Ashley

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