news 13 Mar 2023 - Tinley incoming + new purplebox!

news 13 Mar 2023 - Tinley incoming + new purplebox!

today we launched a new variant of the ever popular acrylic purplebox - this time in 9" long x 6" wide x 6" tall! A great choice for terrestrial arachnids and insects up to about 3" in total length or legspan, the thickness of the walls on these is 5mm just like the 6x6x9 and helps prevent bowing and warping. Get yours here!

we're also busy preparing to bring our widest variety and highest quality products and invertebrates yet to NARBC Tinley Park this weekend! We accept pre-orders for this show and any others right up until the day of the show (subject to availability).

See you all soon!

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