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2-PACK regal jumping spiderlings <⅛" UNSEXED

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2-PACK of UNSEXED captive-bred “regal jumping spider” (Phidippus regius) slings produced here at Marshall Arachnids. these babies are still very tiny (approximately 3rd-4th instar) but eagerly feeding on melanogaster fruit flies. THIS PRODUCT LISTING IS FOR TWO ANIMALS.

the photos of the adult spiders in this listing are adult REPRESENTATIVES of the juvenile spiderling you will receive. we cannot predict the color phase or the sex of your spiderling at this stage of development.


please read our care guide BEFORE purchasing this species.

10 total reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Melanie Wilson
Amazing spiders. Even more exceptional customer service.

The breeder answered all of my questions, as these are my first spiders ever. He was friendly and the quality of customer service blows my mind.
Very well behaved spiders as well! I caught a wild one once and released it after 2 hours because it seemed stressed and constantly tried to escape. Obviously it was much happier in the wild.
I didn’t know what to expect with captive bred, but they are much more tame, docile, and not very skittish at all. The difference is night and day. Worth every penny! Definitely will be buying more in the future!

Vivian Abry
Love my spood!

Beautiful and functional packaging as always, fast and reliable customer service, and a happy healthy sling that’s eating and growing each day!

Lori Hadas
Great Arachnid Vendor!

Marshall's Arachnids is one of the best on-line stores to buy spiders! I have been in the hobby for many, many years and I find that Marshall's stands out amongst the rest. They are fast to respond, keeps you informed and updated, and delivered my order on time. My little ones arrived in good condition, well packed in a quality box along with a cooling pack. I would highly recommend them and I will be ordering from them fact I have already placed my second order!
Thank you Marshalls!

Heidi Bullock
Regal jumping spider

Love my new little friend. I’m so excited to watch its growth and just how adorable it . It shipped overnight as stated and was packaged well. Thank for a great experience with your company.

Bridgette Mietling
Love these spiders! Great service!

Our spiders got here in great condition, and the customer service is so fast at answering all of my questions!