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purplebox 4x4x7 grommet jumping spider habitat kit

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Marshall Arachnids Jumping spider kit includes everything you need for your pet jumping spider! Tight tolerances and fine mesh ventilation prevents even the smallest nymphs and prey items from escaping.

Included in this kit:

- x1 purplebox 4” x 4” x 7” front opening acrylic enclosure, fitted with x3 fine NoSeeUm mesh ventilation grommets (2” diameter) This helps prevent the escape of fruit flies and small nymphs while allowing ample air exchange.

x1 magnetic natural bell cup seed pod hide (approx. 3cm diameter). Magnet is mounted ON THE BACK of the hide. Magnets are strong.

x1qt of megamix BASIC substrate

x1 12” length of synthetic moss ribbon

x1 small water dish

x1 ½ cup mixed oak leaf litter

x1 3.4oz fine mist bottle

PLEASE NOTE: Acrylic is a beautiful material but scratches easily. Please advise that light surface scratching is normal and occurres from normal handling.

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Customer Reviews

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Cherevalyn Porter
Purplebox for my jumping spider

I am anticipating getting a jumping spider soon. I have had purplebox spider habitats in the past. I absolutely love them and so do my jumpers. First class service, placed my order, it shipped the same day. When I received it, it was boxed and wrapped with care, I also received the soil mix and little hideaway and other goodies. I won’t shop anywhere else for my spider needs.

Emily Schultz
Jumping spider enclosure kit

My only regret, is not ordering sooner! Truly, these enclosures come assembled in a beautiful, well thought out design. The “kit” portion came with more than enough contents to make your spider enclosure truly look its best. I won’t hesitate to purchase from Marshall Arachnids in the future, and either should you!