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Omothymus violaceopes 1.25"+ MALE

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juvenile MALE “Singapore blue” (O. violaceopes) available from Marshall Arachnids. these juvies are at or above 1.25" DLS and are feeding on ¼" crickets.

Quick Stats:
  • Old World
  • arboreal
  • tropical
  • very fast
  • intermediate experience level recommended

please read our care guide (coming soon!) BEFORE purchasing this species.

Adult photo credit: "File:Singapore blue.jpg" by Mothore is licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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Customer Reviews

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Good size, well established and healthy

Rarely did I find this species or other species of spiders offered at this size/age, sexed and price. They were larger than I expected and very healthy. Both consumed meals pretty shortly after getting them in there homes . Both tunneled extensively night one and both are out tonight at the top of their cork tubes. I will admit they shoot down the hide in .03 of a second but I love that. Super fast and Im glad I didn't get any of that agility or quickness with re-housing them from being shipped.