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megamix ARID substrate

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megamix ARID is the ideal bioactive substrate for arid and desert species of reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to support microfauna, succulent plant growth, and natural behaviors.

Each bag is 1 gallon (10” x 13”) and weighs 5lbs.

Each of the components in megamix ARID serves a specific purpose in providing an ideal medium for arid microfauna, plant growth, and animal enrichment.

Natural red clay. Great for holding burrows and provides ample drainage, preventing high humidity spikes on the surface while providing humid underground pockets. Gives the substrate a beautiful reddish color.

Calcined clay. Heated at high temperatures to produce lightweight clay particulate. Larger particles improve drainage and hold nutrients for plant uptake.

Sand. Washed to remove excess dust and impurities, allows proper drainage and breaks up the consistency of the mix to prevent caking.

Natural Hardwood mulch. A continuous supply of food for microfauna as it decays at varying rates. Adds a variety of textures to the mix and helps it retain form.

Horticultural charcoal. Creates air pockets in the substrate that assists in drainage, allows for better root growth, and increases surface area for microfauna.

Dried moss. Natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Aids in even distribution of moisture and dries out quickly. Helps balance pH levels.

Worm castings / organic compost. Extremely nutrient rich material that promotes rapid plant and microfauna population growth, even when dried.

We adhere to strict disinfection protocols and heat treat the necessary components for a minimum of 1 hour at 200F to ensure the health and safety of your animals.

megamix. feed the ground.

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Chloe Anderson

The arid substrate is perfect for the tarantula species I have that were native to dryer scrublands.
The arid substrate holds the burrows well for my fossorial species. I highly recommend.